Wild Honey is an acoustic music duo based out of Swansboro, North Carolina. 

They have been playing their Americana mix of pop, blues/boogie, country rock and folk since 2009, performing 60+ shows a year in venues ranging from restaurants and clubs to concert series, business functions and private parties. They are equally at home whether it is playing softer music for dinner or rocking at a pub and have developed a large fan base of people from all backgrounds and ages. 

  The duo is comprised of Angie Cooper on vocals and rhythm guitar and Matt Miller. Matt also sings,  and plays an assortment of instruments including guitar, mandolin, dobro and harmonica.  Their down home yet refined blend of old and new connects with audiences through its honest feel...earthy and sweet:  Wild Honey. 

  Angie is from Hickory NC and honed her natural singing abilities in church. Prior to forming Wild Honey with Matt. she played in the Christian Worship band Still Waters for 8 years. Still Waters was a talented band which played throughout North Carolina and released several quality recordings. 

  She is heavily involved in the local civic music and arts scene and has been a main force behind bringing local and national bands to area.  Angie provides quality singing and a strong rhythm guitar to Wild Honey along with a casual friendly personality that patrons easily warm up to. 

  Matt hails from Ashland Kentucky. The mixture of blue collar, Ohio valley steel mill town toughness along with eastern Kentucky’s rural back roads and rich history of bluegrass and country music come out in his playing.  He can drive a blues boogie song on acoustic guitar like few others, gently finger pick a folk song, or play styles in between. Whether adding driving or mellow bass lines to rhythm or playing fiery or sweet lead  parts, he displays a good knowledge of the fret board in a passionate manner. 

  Matt started playing in bands at age 15 where he played harmonica for a blues rock band. He also played solo shows as a teen on guitar and harmonica.  Since leaving Kentucky at age 20, he has played in a variety of bands from electric oriented rock bands, to bluegrass, duets and played solo as well. His years in Atlanta, where he headed his own band and had the privilege of playing with many very talented and creative artists, has had an enduring influence on him.

While knowing each other for some time, the musical relationship started when Angie started taking guitar lessons from Matt. They quickly realized that when they played together some special music happened. The rest is history!